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Q. I endure from menieres disease. can somebody tell me concerning the surgical treatment I can have for it? I endure from menieres illness for the final decade or so. I have taken off my food plan nearly all the salt, I stopped with espresso and alcohol and that i stopped smoking in any respect. Still i have attacks of the illness every month and the vertigo is just getting worse. I know that there is a surgical remedy however is it any good? I never met someone who did this surgical procedure. can somebody that did this surgery tell me just a little about it? A. I went the surgical procedure 5 years ago. Earlier than it I had menieres illness for almost two decades. I felt crippled from this horrible scenario. after the surgical procedure I lost my listening to in the ear however the vertigo is gone.
Its a hard decision but if you are unsure about this surgery you possibly can always do it later, so do not rush into it earlier than you are fully ready to take the risks.

As a veterinarian, listening to the presenting complaint of the owner or trainer is one of the most dear components of the go to. Astute, educated house owners spend the most time with the horse, and their history will usually present that "golden nugget" of information if we hear rigorously. This rings true with wobblers historical past because the syndrome typically presents as two distinct forms of the disease: site [] static or dynamic.

Davinder Grover, MD: No. I think you summed it up actually properly. And that i truly think that the subsequent query leads into this one as effectively - what ought to I search for when choosing an eye surgeon? So it is important to remember, and i tell my patients this all the time, it is a lifelong battle. It isn't like a broken bone that you are fixing and you'll transfer on. This can be a lifelong battle. Whether we win or whether we lose, this can be a path that you just and i are going to go on together. And so it is an extended sport, it is a marathon. And so should you look simply typically, the success rates of most glaucoma surgeries are somewhere in the 70 to 80% vary depending on the case, typically extra, generally much less. But each glaucoma surgery over time has a barely greater threat of failing.