How To Mount A Dartboard Surround

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Darts is played with a variety of different rules and game types with the most popular games being cricket and ‘01’ games. All dart games are played by taking turns throwing all three of your darts at the board from behind the oche line. Cricket games are race-style games where players must hit the numbers 15-20 and the bullseye three times each. ‘01’ style games (301, 501, 701 etc) are fixed score games where players take turns adding their scores attempting to reach the specified 01 number exactly.

Physically speaking, dart boards don't take up very much space at all.  I think that's one reason so many people have one.  When playing darts however, dartboard measurements you do want a clear lane in which to throw.  Otherwise it will be one trip to the emergency room after another.  The dart lane should be away from doors and probably hugging a wall on one side.  If someone has to walk through the lane, to get to the couch for dartboard height example, then that may not be a good location for the dart board.

Most darts players often go for cabinets as the most comprehensive solution to backing. You can make cabinets yourself from a number of materials. However, traditionally they are made out of wood, such as Rosewood or dart board height Oak. Due to their functionality and aesthetics.

As dartboard rules regarding the appropriate height and distance mentioned above apply to a bristle steel tip dartboard as it’s generally the most common in all darts organizations including the American Darts Organization, the Britsh Darts Organization.

The Bristle steel-tip dartboard, with its steel numbered frame and black, cream, red and green colour scheme, might be the one you have seen in bars or darts tournaments around the world.

To check the toss line a basic bit of tape will do the trick. Significant competitions, dartboard height in any case, utilize a "hockey" which is a flimsy raised segment of wood roughly 1/2 inches high.  

An advantage of Darts over other games is that it is easy to understand the rules. You don’t necessarily have to be in great shape. Plus, it doesn’t take a great deal of physical effort. As a result, the game is quite popular among physically handicapped persons.

These are the most common measurements you will come across if you decided to read online about dart distance and height. To reiterate the importance of these measurements, the World Darts Federation has a membership of 70 countries around the world, meaning the members use these measurements during darting competitions.

Your dartboard should be mounted flush with the backing surface. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to have a backing, but it’s highly recommended that you have one.

If you’re trying to hang your dartboard according to Official Dartboard Regulations, this post is the one for dart board set up you. Here you’ll find all of the dimensions including distance from the throwline to dartboard and dart board height and distance the height from the floor to the bullseye. Whether you’re hanging an electronic dartboard or a regulation board, size of dart board these dimensions hold true. The only exception is for soft vs steel tip darts. In this case, you’ll need to move the throw line back by ¾ inch.